Meet Mrs Cowan


Dear Parents and Students,

I have the privilege of being the Teacher in Room 12 and getting to know you all since June 2017.  

I find the children in Room 12 amazing  students who come to school with a passion for learning.  I believe that this love of learning comes from encouragement and positive parenting, so a big thank you, to you parents!

I believe each student is unique and brings to the classroom their own personality and strengths.  My role is to foster and grow these strengths and encourage them to build resilience that allows them to accept the challenges they face in their learning when the going gets a bit tough.  

My philosophy is, if children feel safe in their environment they are willing to take risks to accept challenges in their learning.  Most importantly I believe mistakes need to be celebrated as they are a stepping stone for new learning.


I live in Howick with my husband Stephen.  I have been married for 42 years and we have a son, Jeremy who is married to Julie, the Principal at Reremoana School, and we are the proud grandparents of Amelia.  

My hobbies are going to stage shows, walking and reading, however, the most enjoyment I get, is when I spend time with my beautiful granddaughter Amelia.

After having a break from teaching I came to Reremoana as a Reliever, my plan was to relieve only. However, after a few weeks of relieving I was asked to consider a Fixed Term Role in Room 12 until December 2017 and I am so pleased that I agreed to this.  

Favourite colour: Purple
Favourite meal:  Salmon  
Favourite treats: Chocolate  and ice cream
Favourite author: Nora Roberts


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