Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

All parents and students at Reremoana School must have signed the Cyber Safety Agreement before children are able to use devices at school. Most students who have been here for a while will have signed one of these a few years ago. All new families are asked to sign it when they enrol. You can review it here:

This is the Chromebook User Agreement. All students who have elected to be part of the BYOD programme (Year 4-8) will have signed one of these documents. Both the Cyber Safety Agreement and The Chromebook User Agreement are reviewed regularly in class. It's also important that these are discussed periodically at home, too.

Below is a booklet outlining the answers to commonly asked questions regarding BYOD at Reremoana School. If you child is a Year 4 and you are considering opting them into the BYOD programme, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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