Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Awsome recount of the Ariana Grande Concert

Shivali was given a special birthday present at ticket to the Ariana Grande Concert.  Here is her amazing recount of the concert.

Written: 4/9/17 Author: Shivali Reddy

It was 5:45am in the morning and my excitement just could not wait!! I tried not to  wake my older brother and my parents. Of course I was totally bored so I sneaked into my mum and dad’s room so I could get my electronics and  just watch some you tube to keep the time running. I started to get hungry because it was around 6:30am. When my Awesome, fantastic, amazing… said, ok let’s stop I would have to keep on going! So when my family woke up and came down stairs they were like: who is excited for  Ariana Grande!!!!!????? My Dad was pretty funny he kept saying Eliana Grade! It was annoying because I kept correcting him!!

It was around 1pm and I started to  finally get ready because  I was excited! We left to go to my nana’s house but on the way me and my mum went to get lunch  so we got McDonalds. I kept saying to my mum hurry up we are going to be late!! But the gates open at 6:30pm! We got there at 3:45pm then we stayed at my nana’s house till 5:30 then left to get merchandise :

It took about half an hour to wait to get merch but I was excited!!!!!!!!!  I got a cap, t-shirt, jumper and two wristbands! Then it was 6:00 pm and we had to wait till 6:30 pm to actually get into the Arena! We had to put tickets, phones, keys and credit cards into sandwich bags no purse! Because of Manchester bomb -(. They put some music on so the crowd would get pumped up!
I waited forever! Finally we  finally we got in. The security was high! We had to do scanning and then you check the ticket, I had to wait for my mum so I could get in the arena! Finally we got in!!!! I WAS Super EXCITED!!!!!! We did not have dinner so we got some. I got an American hot dog, orange and mango slushie and maltesers. My mum got squid and chips and sprite! Then I finished before her so I begged and begged and begged her so we can go in our doors and find our seats because I wanted to take really good shots and videos on my phone. My mum finally finished her food so we went in and OH MY LIFE!!!! We have the best sets in the world, this was my face:I was super excited!

My mum and I were like, if, we were up there at the top of the arena, we wouldn’t take good camera shots.

At 7:30pm the DJ came out and did some song’s like Bruno Mars:Justin Bieber:and others!

They had some awesome favourites of mine, {the DJ  was the special guest and they were done at 8:30pm}
Then here was the most excited I’ve ever been besides Justin bieber. The intro was for 10 mins and you might be thinking well that's a rip off… actually it gets the crowd all warmed up and it did. Then the song which is actually my favourite well the song was called Be alright!!!!!!

The dancing was so, so, so, so, so good!
4.bad decisions
5.touch it

7.into you
8.side to side
9.dangerous woman
10.thinking bout you
11.bang bang

I loved the show it was amazing.
This is actually in New Zealand. I loved Ariana Grande and she and Justin Bieber will always have a place in my heart because I just love them so MUCH!
There was fun fetti dropped from the ceiling it actually went on me! Pink and white balloons fell on the crowd and it was AMAZING! She and her dancers were amazing. I kept screaming so loud! My favourite part was when she said that there is a lot of sheep here! That was funny! Then she said she is going to move HERE!! Everyone screamed! Then she said was kidding and laughed!! The show was live on twitter! The show ended, awesome, it took forever to get home, it finished at 12:00pm and we only got home at around 1:00pm. I loved the show and want to go to another one. #prayformanchester

Thank you for listening for my experience with the Ariana Grande Concert. The end.

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