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Some Amazing Writing from Room 12's Amazing Authors

Room 12 are just not Scientists they are Authors as well.

Our writing this term has focused on Science learning.  Below is a sample of the writing recounts about last week's Science Show.

Thursday 17th August 2017
Author: Tayla
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On Wednesday the whole Pukeko Team came to Room 12 and experienced an amazing science show with Ivan, Yandri’s Grandad and his assistant from Russia, Igor (but still a supporter of the All Blacks.)

They had fog coming out of a boiling kettle and I could hear everybody screaming out “Wow”.  

Igor put liquid nitrogen in a cup and some dry ice in it and screwed the lid on tight and “POP!” “AH!” everyone exclaimed.

Igor put a fresh banana in liquid nitrogen and it froze up and he used it as a hammer to hammer a small nail into a piece of golden timber. Igor also froze a pink rose in liquid nitegron . Mrs Noy was the assistant for Igor, she had to squeeze the pink rose,the pink rose shattered like a piece of glass.

Igor put a freezing piece of dry ice on the table,pushed a gold coin on the dry ice and the gold coin became thinner and thinner. The amazing Pukeko Team went out of the classroom on the grass stepped back and Igor began…

He brought out a massive bottle of -200c liquid nitrogen wearing gloves of course!!! He poured the liquid nitrogen on  the concrete and the crowd went WILD!!!!
Wednesday 16th  August 2017

Author: Naesha 

The Science Show

On Wednesday morning the whole of the Pukeko team came to Room 12 to see the Science show. Yandri’s  Grandfather came to do the science show (he says he’s the good looking one), he brought with him his assistant( the smart one).

Our first experiment was to see how a flower would react to the liquid Nitrogen, the reaction was that the top of the flower froze and with one scrunch it was broken.

The second experiment was that we put the banana into the liquid Nitrogen and while we were waiting we got a piece of wood on put a nail in it, when the banana was cold enough we took it out and used it for a hammer and it worked and it was still edible.

The third experiment was what happened when the liquid Nitrogen was trapped in a container?....... BANG!!! The lid came off and went across the room and it gave me a big fright.

Then we poured the warm water and put some food colouring and then we put a few dry ice in it and it made lots fog everyone went to touch it and a little bit of the dry ice popped out.

Another experiment was that we got a rubber hose and put it in the  liquid Nitrogen and when we took it out we used a hammer to break it but we had to hit it two times to make a crack.

Next we put the dry-ice and some of the liquid Nitrogen into a hot kettle and C02 came out and everyone went to it. After that we went back to the hot water and food colouring beaker, when we saw it had turned from red to light pink it was amazing.

After that the assistant got a fire extinguisher but it didn’t have dry powder just some C02  and some air and he sprayed it on some of us (he didn’t spray it on me).

Then we put a piece of dry-ice on the table and pressed a coin on it, it made a terrible sound and it made our teeth feel like something was scraping it off!!!

Another experiment was that the assistant got some alcohol and put it on a wire which had a piece of a tissue on it then we lit it up with a litter and put it in a jar with dry-ice and as soon as it got inside the jar the fire disappeared, it disappeared because fire needs air to stay alive but the jar had no air so that’s why it disappeared.

Furthermore, we got a jar and put some hot water in and then put some red food colouring in, now we got five pieces of dry ice and put it in. When it reached the bottom the dry ice started to make steam
and it was amazing. After 5 minutes the food colouring started to turn from red to dark pink.

One of our last experiments was that the assistant put dry ice and liquid-Nitrogen in a container and it made a bigger BOOM!!! It made everyone jump.

Last but not least our last experiment we went outside and the two men got the big bottle of liquid-Nitrogen and poured it out on the concrete and it made lots of fog and Miss Glen got to get a great picture.
It was awesome and I hope that they come again.

   Science with Yandri’s Grandpa
   Author: Maylee

Today early in the morning Yandri’s Grandpa came in our classroom! The whole Pukeko Team came to see the science show.

When they grabbed out the materials we all saw flowers, a banana, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, alcohol and water these are what they used.

Next when they were doing all the cool science stuff I saw dry clouds, a tank of liquid nitrogen, containers, kettles, A crunchy flower the teacher squished, a coin, food colouring, a rock hard banana, dry ice and two men standing right in front of me.

When we did the science there was Banging, Yelling, screaming and lots of gas going everywhere the whole Pukeko Team were like wild animals!

Oh yeah, Yandri’s Grandpa was South African and his friend that helped was Russian. They both were good scientist and I can tell they like science a lot. Also Yandri’s Grandpa was funny and his friend was too.
But when they were doing science we got to answer questions and Jeremy answered most and got them all right and Yandri’s Grandpa's friend wanted to go home!

What we did for the flower was we had a rose and put it in liquid nitrogen and then he chose a teacher to squish the flower. He picked Mrs Noy and  I could hear the crunchy sounds and all the lovely petals fall off the flower.

Then he had a banana and told us this story that he couldn't find a hammer so he got a banana and put it in liquid nitrogen and POW! The banana was rock hard that he had a piece of wood and a nail and he used the banana to hammer it down and it worked!

Then we had dry ice and put on a coin and it sounded like a drill. After that we got a container and put in dry ice and liquid nitrogen and then BOOM!  The lid popped off and the whole Pukeko Team went AHHHHHHHHHhh! and tried to catch the lid.  

Also when we were done with that, he put in food colouring in the container and water also liquid nitrogen and gas was going everywhere. Then we had a stick and putt on alcohol and dry ice and had a lighter and burned the dry ice and then we had the fire extinguisher  and sprayed it on the fire!

After all that fun we went outside to spill liquid nitrogen on the concrete and it was so dry it looked like clouds and also it was so white that I was right in the middle but I didn't get to touch the liquid nitrogen because we were not aloud.  It looked so cool!

Now I am going to tell you what my favourite part was so my favourite one was when… THEY POURED LIQUID NITROGEN ON THE CONCRETE!

So today I learned lots and next time I wish to learn more. Because I love science and thank you I hope you enjoyed. Bye!

Wednesday 16th August

The science show (recount)

Author: Yandri

This morning my Grandad Ivan  and a guy from his crew came to our class and did some very cool science  with  the Pukeko Team.

They brought with them liquid nitrogen, boiling  water, banana and pink roses.

The pink roses turned  into ice  and Mrs Noy squished  the roses and crumbled it up.  

After that my Grandad's Russian assistant  got a nail put it into the wood and then he put the banana into liquid nitrogen and then it froze and he used it as a hammer and nailed the nail into the little piece of wood with the frozen banana.

Then he got a kettle fill of very hot  water and put it into a container and put pink food colouring in and dry ice and the water turned pink and fog over flowed.

Following that he put a tiny bit of liquid nitrogen into a bottle then put the lid on  it and the lid popped off.  

They  also got a piece of dry ice and coins and put a coin on the dry ice the money got thinner and went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,.

Finally, we all went outside because they filled a bucket up with liquid nitrogen and they poured it onto the concrete and there was fog everywhere.

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