Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Room 12 Children Trying to Persuade Miss Chalmers for more Science in Term 4

Room 12 Science Writing continues.  Vishnu and Ryan Salter present their argument that tries to persuade Miss Chalmers for the Pukeko Team to have more science in Term 4.

Why We Should Have Science In term 4
Author: Vishnu

I believe we should have science in term 4 and here are my reasons why…

Firstly science is fun and we get more smart.

Also we can be scientists because when we grow up we already know lots of these experiments, we get to be more confident and we write more.

Finally we work harder, it is good for my brain and we do more work.

In conclusion, I believe that we should have science in term 4 because … it is fun, we can be scientists, we get more confident.  

Author: Ryan Sa

Personally I believe that Room 12 and the Pukeko Team should have more science in term four.  Here are my reasons why.

Science is hard work and we hope that we can work hard again. Some kids hate it, some kids love it and I'm on the love it side because it is awesome!
Secondly, kids love to have fun and science is really fun, kids love it because it is so much fun.

Thirdly, who doesn't love things that go BOOM KAPOW KABOOM  because I love things that go BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

For my evidence I'll be telling you two fun experiments one of them is……..Coke and mentos another one is rockets.

In conclusion the Pukeko Team should have more science in Term 4 because everyone loves science and the Pukeko Team would just love more science in term four.


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  1. Hi Room 11! I'm loving reading all of your persuasive arguments about why the Pukekos should have even more Science in Term 4. You ALMOST have me convinced! Would it have to be more chemical reactions or could we focus on a different area of science like Space, the human body, volcanoes, life cycles? There's lots and lots you can learn about Science!! Keep up the awesome work. From, Miss Chalmers