Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Room 12 are Scientist for the morning!

This morning Room 12 was full of Scientists, fizz and fun! 

As part of our science learning this term we are learning about chemical reactions.

Today we experimented with what happens when we combine vinegar, baking soda and balloons. 

Here is how we did it and what the result was.
We needed:
• baking soda
• balloon
• plastic bottles
• vinegar
• funnels 
• Tarpaulins 

1. Pour some vinegar into a plastic bottle.
2. Use a funnel and add 4 desert spoons of baking soda to the balloon.
3. Quickly place the neck of the balloon over the end of the bottle.
4. Watch what happens.

Why is this happening:
Baking soda is a substance called a base. Vinegar is a substance called an acid. When bases and acids combine they create new substance. In this experiment carbon dioxide is created. Carbon dioxide is a gas; the gas leaves the bottle and inflates the balloon.

As a result of our enthusiasm the surrounding classes must have learned about our science experiment.

We are stating hypothesis... (predicting)

               So much laughter in Room 12 saw Miss               Chalmers coming to check out the fun.
 Celebration - the balloon inflated!
 The carbon dioxide is starting to fill the balloon an as a result it inflates.