Saturday, February 18, 2017

The life of a pet.

The Secret Life of Pets

 Miss M brought her pets into school to introduce them to Rooms 11 and 12. The students had to write a story about what sort of mischief they think they get up to at home when Miss M is at school. 

The students learning intention was.... 

Global Learning Intention: WALHT use interesting vocabulary to keep our audience interested.

I have included:
Different sentence starters
Adjectives to describe the characters


It was that time of day again. It happened every day. Miss M shut the door to her house and headed off to school. But that wasn’t the interesting part. The interesting part is what happens at home when Miss M is at school. Miss M has two pets called Molly (that’s her puppy) and Bunter (the little wee kitten). They get up to some serious mischief during the day!

As soon as Miss M shuts the door little Bunter runs up behind Molly and pounces on her tail. Molly thinks Bunter is so annoying! Bunter likes to steal Molly’s food when she’s not looking. He quickly scoffs it all and then hides behind the couch so that Molly can’t find him. Bunter is a grey and white kitten. He is pretty cute so he usually gets away with being naughty!

Bunter isn’t the only one who likes to cause trouble. When Miss M is away at school, Molly goes into her closet and steals all of her socks! She hides them outside in the garden. Miss M has never figured out why she always had to buy new socks! Molly is a white puppy with wool instead of fur. She is just as cheeky as Bunter!

Molly likes listening to stories

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