Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pukeko Team fitness

Fitness in the Pukeko Team

We have structured Fitness and Physical Education Programmes at Reremoana School. In the Pukeko Team we do fitness activities together first thing in the morning. This helps us to get our brains flowing (it takes some of us a little while to wake up, including Miss Chalmers!) and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here's what we get up to for fitness each day:

Monday - Circuit Training
Tuesday - Long Distance Running
Wednesday - Circuit Training
Friday - Jump Jam

We also play sports each week (it's hockey at the moment) and have team games every Wednesday afternoon. In amongst all that, sometimes we just like to play games for a quick 'brain break'. Here's Room 11 and 12 out enjoying the sunshine while playing "Triangle Tag". 

A friendly reminder to please make sure all students bring their hat each day. We are aiming for 100% of our Pukeko students wearing their hat each day. It's not much fun when we have to sit out while all our friends enjoy playing games together!

Another week of Hockey

We are learning some amazing skills during our Hockey lessons. We are now improving our defending and attacking skills. We know how to block others and how to get the ball for us to score goals. We are a very hard working team and work well with our team mates. 

Reading time in the libary

How nice is it to have time to sit down together in our amazing library and read books! Check us out! 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Class presentation

Room 12 is lucky to have an amazing class with students who want to go above and beyond. We were very lucky to have two lovely students create a presentation about the Christchurch fires and share this information with us. 

We learnt some interesting facts but do feel very worried and hope that this disaster ends very soon. 

I wonder what other amazing presentations Room 12 will create and share with the class? 

The life of a pet.

The Secret Life of Pets

 Miss M brought her pets into school to introduce them to Rooms 11 and 12. The students had to write a story about what sort of mischief they think they get up to at home when Miss M is at school. 

The students learning intention was.... 

Global Learning Intention: WALHT use interesting vocabulary to keep our audience interested.

I have included:
Different sentence starters
Adjectives to describe the characters


It was that time of day again. It happened every day. Miss M shut the door to her house and headed off to school. But that wasn’t the interesting part. The interesting part is what happens at home when Miss M is at school. Miss M has two pets called Molly (that’s her puppy) and Bunter (the little wee kitten). They get up to some serious mischief during the day!

As soon as Miss M shuts the door little Bunter runs up behind Molly and pounces on her tail. Molly thinks Bunter is so annoying! Bunter likes to steal Molly’s food when she’s not looking. He quickly scoffs it all and then hides behind the couch so that Molly can’t find him. Bunter is a grey and white kitten. He is pretty cute so he usually gets away with being naughty!

Bunter isn’t the only one who likes to cause trouble. When Miss M is away at school, Molly goes into her closet and steals all of her socks! She hides them outside in the garden. Miss M has never figured out why she always had to buy new socks! Molly is a white puppy with wool instead of fur. She is just as cheeky as Bunter!

Molly likes listening to stories

Hockey Photos 2nd lesson

Chapter Chat

Chapter Chat - Week 1

On Friday the Pukeko Team had their first real-deal Chapter Chat session. Guess how many tweets Room 11 and 12 sent? 148 to be exact! How awesome is that? We answered five questions to do with the story "Tuesday's at the Castle"...the tricky part was using only 140 characters for each tweet. This type of learning is great for so many reasons. Here's just a few reasons why Chapter Chat will help us with our learning:

- We learn to justify our answers to the text by saying "I think...because...". In the NZ Curriculum, children at level two (that's us!) need to be thinking critically about the stories we read. That's exactly what we are doing with Chapter Chat!
- We learn how to summarise our main ideas (using only 140 characters per tweet can be tricky so we have to make sure we are including only the most important parts)
- We learn to actively listen during story time on the mat. We can't be zoning out or day dreaming because then we'll miss parts of the story and won't be able to answer the questions. 
- We get to be creative by completing tasks relating to the book each week - last week we drew pictures of our mums and wrote descriptions about them, just like Queen C in the book! (It was a shame the dye we put over the pictures made the pen run - we're sure you mums out there would have loved them 😟)
- Most of all...Chapter Chat is FUN and gets us excited about our learning. We look forward to reading Tuesdays at the Castle each day, and developing a genuine love of reading is what it's all about. 

Here are a few "Terrific Tweets" for the week:

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