Sunday, January 29, 2017


Dear Students,

Hello and welcome back to school. I am super excited to have you in my classroom this year. I know we are going to have lots of fun and have an exciting year. I am eagerly looking forward to the first day of school so we can get to know each other. I promise we are going to have a great year together as you participate in many fun and engaging projects. 

Miss M 

Dear Parents, 

Hello and welcome back to school. I am so excited to get to know your child but you as well. Having parental support and open communication is an essential part of a successful year. Thank you for all you do for your child and our school. I look forward to an exciting year with you both. Please keep in contact if you need anything via email or come and see me before or after school. 


Get to know Miss M 

I was born in Howick and I am the third child out of four. I have an older brother and sister, Jonathan and Charnay and a younger sister, Shontal. I love them all! My parents still live in Howick and they have the cutest animals. Molly our family dog and Bunter a little kitten (our newest addition to the family). 

I now live close to school in a house I bought with my sister. We decided to do some renovations on my house so my weekends are very busy with either a paint brush or tools in my hand. 

I enjoy biking riding, kayaking, listening to music, giving my rabbit Snuggles lots of cuddles, walking my sisters dogs, going to the gym, dancing and spending time with family and friends. My favourite subjects are Maths and Inquiry. 

Let me be your 'director' and you and can be my awesome all star 'cast'. This is going to be a block buster year! 

Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite meal: My home made pizza
Favourite fast food: Burger Fuel 
Favourite treat: Anything with chocolate 
Favourite snack: Crackers
Favourite drink: Coke zero
Favourite sport: Tee Ball 
Favourite animal: Dog and rabbits 
Favourite author: Andy Griffiths

I am scared of....

 Spiders, crawly bugs and heights.