Monday, December 4, 2017

Room 12 were really pleased to have a visit from Cherize today!

Cherize, thank you for coming to visit Room 12 today.  We were really excited to see you and see how well you are looking.  We hope to catch up again with you at the Production tomorrow night.  We hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Congratulations to Tayla on getting a PB4L certificate for trying hard to recognise other children's roles and responsibility in team work. Well done Pukeko certificate winners.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Room 12 Learning about Roles and Responsibilities in Team Work

Room 12 are focusing on how our actions and words can impact on others. 

Our success criteria is:

Take a full role in the running of their classroom

Ensure that their rights are respected

Behave responsibly towards others

Affirm diversity.

On Friday we made smoothies.

Our focus was to work together, ensure that each person had a role and took responsibility for their role and that all group members respected the rights of others to make their own decisions for their role.

Great learning was achieved and each member took responsibility for their task and collaboratively the groups produced amazing yummy smoothies that they enjoyed for brain food.

Some pictures below

Congratulations Korben for Being Room 12's PB4L Recipient

Congratulations tos Korben on getting a t PB4L certificate for always using kind words and acting kindly towards others. Well done Pukeko certificate winners.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Celebrating Caleb who received the PB4L Certificate for focusing on his learning and ignoring distractions.

Congratulations Caleb, on being awarded this week's PB4L certificate. Caleb always focuses on his learning and ignores distractions.  Well done Caleb!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Diwali Treats in Room 12

Room 12 would like to thank Hamish, Vishnu, Nandini and Simarpreet for bringing us in lovely treats for Diwali celebrations.  For many of us the taste of these delightful sweets were new and tantalising.

On Friday Nandini celebrated Diwali at school by wearing beautiful traditional Indian dress, she looked absolutely beautiful.  Thank you Nandini, Hamish, Vishnu and Simarpreet for sharing your culture with us.

Here is a photo of Nandini in her beautiful traditional clothes.

Sunday, September 24, 2017


The Pukeko Team have had an amazing term of Science.

On Friday, these Year 3 and 4 students were super excited to have an opportunity to demonstrate their collaboration and learning to the whole school community.

This term to the children's delight they have witnessed much, POP, FIZZ and BANG!!

On Friday it was the children's turn to be the Teachers and put on their own science show for the rest of the school and the many adults that attended.

Here are some photos from Friday's show.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Junior Kapa Haka visit to Clayton Park

Our neighbour's down at Clayton Park School very kindly invited our Junior Kapa Haka students down to their school last Wednesday to watch their school performance, "Seasons of the Pohutakawa". We enjoyed a show about about a Koro teaching his mokopuna about the growth of a Pohutakawa tree. We were blown away by the original, catchy songs, which were written in a mix of English and Te Reo. Thanks CPS, we had a blast!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Narrative Writing by Room 12 Authors.

Over the last ten days Room 12 Authors have been writing narratives.

WALHT:  We are learning to write narratives:

Success Criteria; The narrative will have the following:

  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Main events
  • Problem 
  • Solution

Following is a selection of narratives with more to follow:

Tuesday 19th September 2017

Author: Tayla :)                         
“Are you all ready?” Papa Smurf asked the other smurfs. “Yes” answered Smurfette, “I have to pick the crops before this winter so they don’t freeze!”  shouted Farmer Brown ,”Ok go quick” said Papa Smurf, “NO I am not ready yet don’t you dare leave without me!!!!” exclaimed Grumpy, “Nearly,” cried Clumsy. Let’s go find the unicorn palace.
“Look guys a shimmering waterfall” cried Smurfette. “Ouch” cried Clumsy. Clumsy you’re a genius, you opened a secret passage behind the waterfall!!! Clover said amazed.As they were talking about the crystal blue waterfall the didn’t know somebody was watching their every step, Gargamel. He was lurking in the sky on his new metal broom with Azriel  flying. They walk into the waterfall and found out it was a Unicorn palace!!!! The Queen greeted them surprisingly, Got you now shouted Gargamel. .  As Gargamel was laughing and running away with the smurfs not far behind him.

“Run guys run” shouted Grumpy. In about half an hour they finally reached Gargamel’s evil layer. Gargamel was inside making a poisonous poison to make the Unicorn talk so she could be his slave!!! When Gargamel turned  his back the Smurfs made their move and returned the Queen Unicorn safe and sound back at her palace.

Author: Leikahr

Long, long ago my brother, my mum and I went to an arcade. It was in Rome.  When I  went in the arcade I was so excited to play all the games, we got all our game tokens and played.

Until… I found myself in the game! Thump! As I landed on the ground.
I couldn’t move because I was in the game. Only the person playing the game can move the character, so my brother took me to the first level. I had to go up a wall and beat the bad guys. Wow I made it to the next level!

On the next level there were more bad guys I had to beat. They were really big and there was about 5 big bad guys to beat.  They were really hard to kill because they were really big.

In this level called the Boss Level, I have to get passed the giant Sumo Wrestler. It was 5 times bigger than me, I was small.   It took me a few tries to defeat the Wrestler, it was a little hard.

As soon as I killed the Sumo Wrestler I jumped out of the game and my mum was so happy to see me, she hugged me so hard. We went out the doors and never went back again.

Pokie Land

Author: Ryan Sa

It was a nice and peaceful day in Pokie land and Pikachu was going for a walk with Eevee and they passed Raichu and Jolteon who were their big brothers and they were  playing catch.    Suddenly something terrible happened...

The pokemon of destruction appeared from his mighty volcano and smoke flew everywhere, his name was Heatran he started destroying everything.  Everyone panicked and ran away to their homes and ran into their storm cellar, every house has one so they just had to wait it out and hope he would leave soon.

Suddenly, Dialga, Palkia and the pokemon God Arceus appeared.  Arceus used his powers to send Heatran back to his realm.  Dialga sent everyone back in time and then Palkia froze time and the three went to Heatrans realm and froze him forever. Then Arceus pushed him of the edge and he was stuck falling through the abyss of space forever and never stopped falling.  Everyone was safe until another disaster like this happens again. There is yet another pokemon like Heatran to come, beware, once he comes he will wreck everything! Watch this space for the sequel….

Author: Vishnu

Once upon a time there was a tall building called Burj Khalifa. there are little kids and a bad teacher called Mrs Bad Teacher, they had to learn and learn they didn't even play games!

Yash’s best friend was Vishnu and Kurt's best friend was Korben and all together they make a big group!   

Everyone hated school and learning and every one wanted to play FIFA or NEED FOR SPEED.   The classroom was all dirty, ”how do we get out of here!” said Yash, Korben said ‘’ we should kick the door’’, then, Korben kicked the door ‘’ OUCH that hurt!’’ Kurt kicked the door ‘’OUCH’’ said Kurt. Yash kicked the door BANG! The door almost broke! ‘’AHA?’’ said Vishnu let's get the keys. They got the keys and got out,  ‘’YAY’’ said everyone they got out and played FIFA.

However…,  Mrs Bad Teacher found them, she then dragged them back to the school.  They saw a new kid called Lochie, everyone thought it was a cool name.   Lochie was smart as he new what log 10 - Log 6 the answer was 0.22184874961.  Lochie knew how to get out but the teacher kept spotting him.  

Lochie said last time that he put a net on the teacher so he could get out but the teacher got out fast.   “GOT AN IDEA,” said Vishnu “NOT A ANOTHER BAD PLAN”, said Korben. “Anyone have a phone?” “Yes” said Yash “let's call the Cops,” Yash dialed 111 and called the Cops.

BANG BANG BANG!!! They broke the door they all ran out. “Mrs Bad Teacher you're under arrest for locking little kids in the school”. They pushed Mrs Bad Teacher in the jail. All the kids continued playing FIFA AND NEED FOR SPEED and they lived happily ever after.

Hide and Seek in a Far Away Land

Author:  Cody.

Once Upon a Time far far away in a pretty cool house there were two kids, Joe and John playing ultimate hide and seek.

The house had so many turns. John hid first and hid on top of the bunk bed and it took Joe 20 minutes to find him. It took the same time for John to find Joe, they had so much fun.

Then they invited some friends over to have a Swim but they didn't have a pool and none of them knew how to drive. So do we run or what.

Let's ask my dad if he can take us. Good idea. Now let's ask. Hey Dad can you take us to the pools today please? He said yes. We all jumped in the car and headed off to the pools. wow that was fun.

The Sharks that Stole our Food

Author: Ryan St

In a far away land there lived a family of 4 people and one dog.The dog was 4, the big brother was 8,the little brother was 7,the dad was 34 and the mum was 32. They lived in a shiny, hard top boat and they went fishing for dinner, lunch and breakfast.

The sharks ate the family’s food, so, the family’s fishing rods weren’t bending and the fish weren’t biting!  The family have no food to eat for lunch and dinner.

Next a big magical fish that looked like a big brown fish with big cheeks and big eyes appeared.   The sharks chased the big magical fish and the fish came back and started to eat the family's bait and the family caught fish for dinner, breakfast and lunch.  The lucky dog got kawhai for his lunch.

Six Greedy Animals
Author: Vincent

In a far away land that had a forest full of berries there lived three little pigs. One of the little pigs lived in a brickhouse, another little pig lived in a stonehouse and the baby pig lived in a wood house.

The three pigs were hungry and went into the forest in search of food and when they walked up a hill they met the three bears.

The three bears and the three little pigs  got talking about the berries, and the three bears helped the 3 little pigs collect the berries.  Then the little pigs invited the three bears to their houses.

At 6 o’clock at night, the big bad wolf hid behind the bush until it was midnight.  The big bad wolf was feeling hungry and wanted to eat a pig, so, the big bad wolf sneaked into the little baby pig’s house and stole the baby pig.  !

At morning baby bear saw that baby pig was MISSING, so, all five animals went in the forest and searched for baby pig.

Then families saw the big bad wolf with baby pig.
The big bad wolf ran from the families and the pigs and bears chased after him but the bad wolf ran into it’s home.  

The bear pushed the door and scared the wolf and the wolf ran away without baby pig and the three pigs and three bears lived happily ever after.    The end

The White Rock Castle   

By Alex
Once  upon time there was a kingdom.  The king was mad because at night his enemy is going to battle him.  He got his army to get ready, but it was getting dark so the villagers went back home.
They don’t want to be hurt. The King saw his enemy and the Queen is finding a place to hide. The king got his Army and the Knights to smash the enemy, it took five hours to finish them off!

After a few days the kingdom had a festival to celebrate that they had won. There was chicken, food, candy and a party.  In five months the Prince and the Princess are becoming a King and Queen.  The sad news is, that, the old King and Queen died. The new King and Queen ordered cake and everyone was happy.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Awsome recount of the Ariana Grande Concert

Shivali was given a special birthday present at ticket to the Ariana Grande Concert.  Here is her amazing recount of the concert.

Written: 4/9/17 Author: Shivali Reddy

It was 5:45am in the morning and my excitement just could not wait!! I tried not to  wake my older brother and my parents. Of course I was totally bored so I sneaked into my mum and dad’s room so I could get my electronics and  just watch some you tube to keep the time running. I started to get hungry because it was around 6:30am. When my Awesome, fantastic, amazing… said, ok let’s stop I would have to keep on going! So when my family woke up and came down stairs they were like: who is excited for  Ariana Grande!!!!!????? My Dad was pretty funny he kept saying Eliana Grade! It was annoying because I kept correcting him!!

It was around 1pm and I started to  finally get ready because  I was excited! We left to go to my nana’s house but on the way me and my mum went to get lunch  so we got McDonalds. I kept saying to my mum hurry up we are going to be late!! But the gates open at 6:30pm! We got there at 3:45pm then we stayed at my nana’s house till 5:30 then left to get merchandise :

It took about half an hour to wait to get merch but I was excited!!!!!!!!!  I got a cap, t-shirt, jumper and two wristbands! Then it was 6:00 pm and we had to wait till 6:30 pm to actually get into the Arena! We had to put tickets, phones, keys and credit cards into sandwich bags no purse! Because of Manchester bomb -(. They put some music on so the crowd would get pumped up!
I waited forever! Finally we  finally we got in. The security was high! We had to do scanning and then you check the ticket, I had to wait for my mum so I could get in the arena! Finally we got in!!!! I WAS Super EXCITED!!!!!! We did not have dinner so we got some. I got an American hot dog, orange and mango slushie and maltesers. My mum got squid and chips and sprite! Then I finished before her so I begged and begged and begged her so we can go in our doors and find our seats because I wanted to take really good shots and videos on my phone. My mum finally finished her food so we went in and OH MY LIFE!!!! We have the best sets in the world, this was my face:I was super excited!

My mum and I were like, if, we were up there at the top of the arena, we wouldn’t take good camera shots.

At 7:30pm the DJ came out and did some song’s like Bruno Mars:Justin Bieber:and others!

They had some awesome favourites of mine, {the DJ  was the special guest and they were done at 8:30pm}
Then here was the most excited I’ve ever been besides Justin bieber. The intro was for 10 mins and you might be thinking well that's a rip off… actually it gets the crowd all warmed up and it did. Then the song which is actually my favourite well the song was called Be alright!!!!!!

The dancing was so, so, so, so, so good!
4.bad decisions
5.touch it

7.into you
8.side to side
9.dangerous woman
10.thinking bout you
11.bang bang

I loved the show it was amazing.
This is actually in New Zealand. I loved Ariana Grande and she and Justin Bieber will always have a place in my heart because I just love them so MUCH!
There was fun fetti dropped from the ceiling it actually went on me! Pink and white balloons fell on the crowd and it was AMAZING! She and her dancers were amazing. I kept screaming so loud! My favourite part was when she said that there is a lot of sheep here! That was funny! Then she said she is going to move HERE!! Everyone screamed! Then she said was kidding and laughed!! The show was live on twitter! The show ended, awesome, it took forever to get home, it finished at 12:00pm and we only got home at around 1:00pm. I loved the show and want to go to another one. #prayformanchester

Thank you for listening for my experience with the Ariana Grande Concert. The end.