Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Our last Netball session.

During our last Netball session we got to play a game of netball. It was 5 on 5 and we thought this was lots of fun. Miss M noticed us defending and attacking and we were able to get the ball down to each end of the court to attempt scoring a goal. 

Well done Room 12. Thanks to those who helped teach us the awesome skills we learnt and the teachers who organised it. 

April Fools Joke

Miss M tricked us. Better luck next time Room 12.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Special Treat

We have started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during Reading. 
 However, when Miss M went to get the book from the library we didn't have any spare copies so Mrs Fothergill kindly lent us her beloved book that she read to her first class before Miss M was even born. 
She was kind enough to come in and read a couple of chapters to us. She also told us that Roald Dahl wrote to her and her class. How lucky is she!!!!!!! 

Thanks Miss Fothergill! 
We just love this book. It is fabulous. 


Warming up is very important. Here is us warming up before we got to practice our shooting skills.

Time for some us to practice goal shooting. 

Check out who scored a goal..... 

 Putting all of our skills to the test.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sharing time.

In Maori we are learning about Myths and Legends. Zoe kindly shared this Patu with us. Thanks :) 


Miss M helped us practise our netball throws. Check it out! 


We are so engaged during our Writing. Look how eager we are to share our work. Here are some of our Haiku Poems. 

The beach is so hot!
The sand is soft like a bear.
The water is cold.

Wow we scored a try!
Come on do you want to win?
Come on let's go boys!

Reading contains books.
Reading is comprehension.
We enjoy reading!

I saw the hot sand.
I couldn't resist myself!
Even the cool breeze.

I am the coolest.
I like to learn about Math.
I am really smart!

Dog Day at school

The teachers got to bring there dogs into school and the students loved it. We meet lot of dogs including Miss M's dogs Bella and Sofie. Sofie has the short white tale and Bella has the big white tail. Can you tell them a part? 

Thanks for all the pats. They really enjoyed it! :) 

Miss Cowan's Dog. 

Miss M's Dogs 

Miss Fothergill's Dogs 

Wheelay Race

On Friday afternoon each class in the school went out to the soccer field in participate in the House Wheelay Event. A wheelay race is when 12 teams are lined up on the spokes of a large wheel that has been painted onto the grass. Each team passes a baton through their team members on the spoke until it gets to the outermost person, who then runs around the circumference of the wheel. The first team to have every player run around the wheel wins. We haven't done a wheelay at Reremoana for a few years because we're getting so big now. Well done to our school student counsellors who suggested we split up into a senior and junior wheelay race.

Check out the photos below from our resident photographer, Ms Fothergill

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dog Safety

We had two lovely visitors come to our class today.

-14 years old
-English springer spaniel
-Show dog and a trained education dog

-1 years old
-English springer spaniel
-1st school visit and training to be an education dog

Did you know that there is a high percentage of dogs who bite which you are likely to already know...

We learnt how to be safe around dogs.

Why do dogs bite?

  • They get scared and want to protect themselves. They might get a fright or think they are threatened. 
  • You might have hurt them.
  • Young dogs may bite because their teeth are growing and they are trying to fix the pain themselves. 
  • They might want to play with you and think it's a game.
  • If you are running they might think it’s a game. Ask yourself how might they catch you? They don't have hands so they might use their teeth. 
  • It might be too loud (high pitched) area. 

Remember dogs don’t have a voice and this is how they will tell you they don't like something. The main reason they bite is from fear.

What to do if a dog approaches you?

  • Stand still 
  • Don't scream
  • Stay calm
  • Put your bag in front of you (if you have one) 
  • If you don’t have a bag put a jacket in front (if you have one)
  • You could use a book (if you have one)
  • If you can ask for help
  • If you are at school tell a teacher 
  • Always keep your front to the dog 
  • Slowly move around if you can't see them 
  • If possible put your back against a fence or tree 
  • Put your hands under your armpits so they can't bit them
  • Always stand up
If the dog knocks you over...
  • Put your hands behind your neck and ears and have your face down so it can't bite you hands ears or face. 
  • Stay down like a turtle.
  • Do not scream.
  • Stay quiet. 

What if you see a dog you want to pat who's with their owner?

  • Ask nicely in a quiet tone to pat the dog. 
  • If the owner says yes, let the dog sniff you by putting your hand in a fist near its nose.  
  • Step up to their shoulder, pat the dog down their back. 
  • Do not go anywhere near their head. 
  • Once you have finished, say thanks to the owner and walk away. 

If you see a dog on its on leave it alone!
If you don’t know a dog don’t go near it!
Don’t scream stay calm, stay quiet and stay still!

Check out this cool website, there is an awesome video on here to watch called 'Things a dog lover should never forget'.